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About Us

Our team, at Just Living, are passionate about helping our participants live their best life, their way.

No matter their goals, aspirations or interests we are here to support them.


Our values and passion are what motivate us to provide quality care and create unique relationships.

No matter your interests or passions, we are here to support you do activities that you love and enjoy.

Just Living go beyond standard support services, we provide unique, tailored, genuine experiences to you by providing exceptional care!

Meet The Team

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Heath L & Sam C

People, are our most important, they're our everything to how we operate! We're values orientated, authentic, honest, open-minded individuals who hold great ambitions for all Participants. We believe in the values of respect, trust, consideration, determination, kindness & commitment!

We bring to Just Living over a decade of highly decorated commercial experience together! We are the recipients of 6 National awards in the industry operated in, inclusive of awards issued for client advocacy and experience, quality of execution, and on multiple occasions, awarded the best in brand in Australia!

Heath & Sam.jpg


Paula R

Having worked in the disability sector since leaving school, I am a determined and passionate champion for people living with disability.


My philosophy is that each person is central to the codesign of their support, and they should be encouraged and assisted to design support which flexes around them, resulting in them routinely being the experts in their own lives. 

I believe that authentically engaging with individuals and their significant others, and using their lived experience and expertise, helps us to shape the direction of our services and bring assurance about the quality and impact of everything we do.


Having a skilled workforce, and active sector engagement is integral to people with disability having meaningful support solutions. I aim to empower our frontline staff to be leaders in quality, providing them with the resources and mentoring they need to ensure the best outcomes for the people they support.


I have learned that working together as a team with optimism and positivity, and in collaboration with external partners, is key to enabling people living with disability to engage more in their daily lives, having increased choice and control, and overcoming any barriers they may have to having a more active role in their lives and fulfilling their potential.

  • We are a People business.

  • We are People focused.

  • We are genuinely passionate about helping Participants live their best life, their way!

  • We are Person/Participant centred in our recruitment process; (we profile match)

  • We lead, guide, direct, and coach our team

  • We ensure excellence in the delivery of our supports and services.

  • We are only as good as our Support Workers we have in the community.

  • We provide a Direct, Responsive and Accountable Support Coordinator experience.

  • We uphold integrity, respect and commitment for all our Participants

  • We work with Health Professionals to ensure that care plans are followed, and NDIS goals achieved

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