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Just Living

Disability Support Services throughout Adelaide

Just Living is a South Australian based, disability support services and daily living support company that operates with NDIS participants.


We offer a large variety of services that are tailored to each individual person to ensure the best care possible. We work with you to create a strong level of support and network for yourself and your loved ones.


At Just Living, our focus is you – our client – helping you to challenge yourself, reach your goals and live your best life.

Daily Living Support Services Adelaide

Daily Living Support Services throughout Adelaide

  • Daily tasks and life-skills

  • Transport

  • Group events and get togethers

  • Excursions

  • Family support

  • Exercise

​Your choice of daily living support services is not limited to the above. Please feel free to ask us if we can accommodate any choice of yours.​

About Just Living in Adelaide

We are a South Australian company proud to support, work with and care for others. We provide disability support services throughout Adelaide.


At Just Living, we strive for nothing less than excellence. Our goal is to assist people in fulfilling their daily life choices and reaching their future goals.


Directed by two ex-military veterans who sought a need to make a difference, we aim to specialise in all fields and make the largest positive impact to each and every client.


We look to persevere through all challenges that may arise in attempting to connect each individual person with society and human interaction.


We aim to challenge each individual to reach and achieve any goal they have set and encouraging success.


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Disability Support Services Adelaide